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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Insights: 2011 Volume 4

ISSN 1756-2074


Author Title Series
1 Stewart Clegg The Futures of Bureaucracy? Futures
2 Henrietta Mondry Genetic Wars: The Future in Eurasianist Fiction of Aleksandr Prokhanov Futures
3 Barbara Graziosi The Iliad: Configurations of the Future Futures
4 Jonathon Porritt Scarcity and Sustainability in Utopia Futures
5 Andrew Crumey Can Novelists Predict the Future? Futures
6 Russell Jacoby The Future of Utopia? Futures
7 Fran Bartkowski All That is Plastic...Patricia Paccinini's Kinship Networks Being Human
8 Mary Carruthers The Mosque That Wasn't: A Study in Social Memory Making Futures
9 Andrew Pickering Ontological Politics: Realism and Agency in Science, Technology and Art Futures
10 Kathryn Banks Prophecy and Literature Futures
11 Barbara Adam Towards a Twenty-First-Century Sociological Engagement with the Future Futures
12 Andrew Crumey and Mikhail Epstein A Dialogue On Creative Thinking and the Future of the Humanities Futures
13 Mikhail Epstein On the Future of the Humanities Futures