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Institute of Advanced Study

Insights: 2010 Volume 3

ISSN 1756-2074


Author Title Series
1 John Haslett and Peter Challenor Palaeoclimate Histories Modelling
2 Zoltán Kövecses Metaphorical Creativity in Discourse
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
Darwin's Legacy
4 Jill Gordon On Being Human in Medicine Being Human
5 Eduardo Mendieta Political Bestiary: On the Uses of Violence Being Human
6 Charles Fernyhough What is it Like to Be a Small Child? Being Human
7 Maren Stange Photography and the End of Segregation

Being Human

8 Andy Baker Water Colour: Processes Affecting Riverine Organic Carbon Concentration Water
9 Iain Chambers Maritime Criticism and Lessons from the Sea Water
10 Christer Bruun Imperial Power, Legislation, and Water Management in the Roman Empire Water
11 Chris Brooks Being Human, Human Rights and Modernity Being Human
12 Ingo Gildenhard and Andrew Zissos Metamorphosis - angles of approach Being Human
13 Ezio Todini A Model for Developing Integrated and Sustainable Energy and Water Resources Strategies Water
14 Veronica Strang Water, Culture and Power: Anthropological Perspectives from 'Down Under' Water
15 Richard Arculus Water and Volcanism Water
16 Marilyn Strathern A tale of two letters: Reflections on knowledge conversions Water
17 Paul Langley Cause, Condition, Cure: Liquidity in the Global Financial Crisis, 2007-8 Water
18 Stefan Helmreich Waves Water
19 Jenny Terry The Work of Cultural Memory: Imagining Atlantic Passages in Literature of the Black Diaspora Water
20 Monica Grady Does Life on Earth Imply Life on Mars? Water
21 Ian Wright Water Worlds Water
22 Shlomi Dinar Climate Change and State Grievances: The Resiliency of International River Treaties to Increase Water Variability Water
23 Robin Hendry Science and Everyday Life: 'Water' vs 'H2O' Water