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Institute of Advanced Study

Insights: 2009 Volume 2

ISSN 1756-2074


Author Title Series
1 Robert A Walker Where Species Begin: Structure, Organization and Stability in Biological Membranes and Model Membrane Systems Darwin's Legacy
2 Michael Pryke 'What is Going On?' Seeking Visual Cues Amongst the Flows of Global Finance Modelling
3 Ronaldo I Borja Landslides and Debris Flow Induced by Rainfall Modelling
4 Roland Fletcher Low-Density, Agrarian-Based Urbanism: A Comparative View Modelling
5 Paul Ormerod 21st Century Economics Modelling
Peter C. Matthews  Guiding the Engineering Design Process: Path of Least Resistance versus Creative Fiction  Modelling 
Bernd Goebel  Anselm's Theory of Universals Reconsidered  Modelling 
Roger Smith  Locating History in the Human Sciences  Being Human 
Sonia Kruks  Why Do We Humans Seek Revenge, and Should We?  Being Human 
10 Mark Turner Thinking with Feeling Being Human
11 Christa Acampora Agonistic Politics and the 'War on Terror' Being Human
12 Arun Saldanha So What Is Race? Being Human
13 David Stark and Daniel Buenza Devices for Doubt: Models and Reflexivity in Merger Arbitrage Modelling
14 Robert Hariman Democratic Stupidity Being Human