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Institute of Advanced Study

CCI-CCBC sponsored International Research Workshop

The Cultural Science and Innovation in the Creative Industries

CCI-CCBC sponsored International Research Workshop, 27-28 September 2010. 

This workshop further develops the goals of a 2008 workshop held in Brisbane[1], to discuss UK-Australian collaboration on cultural science research.  The interdisciplinary endeavour combines cultural and media studies with culture evolutionary theory. Two years on, the principal centres are the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Creative industries and Innovation, based at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Durham University, UK, and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany.

CCI-CCBC initiative

As well as its scholarly agenda, the workshop will discuss the logistics of a launching a CCI-CCBC initiative at Durham University.

In researching the drivers of creativity, innovation and organisation in the creative industries, three key research themes of the CCI initiative at Durham would be: 

  • Creative innovation
  • Systems of organisation
  • Productive collaboration   

These three themes will be explored through collaboration on 'natural experiments' arising particularly where the principal researchers are already working, namely China, Indonesia, the UK, EU and USA, and the Arabic-speaking Middle East (see participants on programme below). Through statistical and ethnographic research on creative industries in these focus regions, the CCI-CCBC initiative would probe major contrasts, including: 

  • Cultures: Western vs. Non-Western
  • Media: Traditional crafts versus modern industrial and online) media
  • Scale: local (anthropology, historical) vs. populations (e.g. national statistics).   

The workshop would also explore funding proposals. One immediate possibility is anAHRC/ESRC proposal on creative industries in China (as an emergent economy).  A second opportunity is for the Linkage scheme run by the ARC, which provides a 5 x multiplier for partner funding.  Finally, and more broadly, other colleagues exist in Europe and the US, introducing the prospect of a major EU grant proposal for applying culture evolutionary analysis to the Creative Industries.

[1] The original workshop was co-funded by: (1) The AHRC, (2) FEAST (Forum for European-Australian Science & Technology cooperation) and (3) the Australian Research Council (ARC) and Queensland University of Technology, via John Hartley's Federation Fellowship programme.