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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Remembering the Future Workshop

5th February 2011, 09:30 to 17:00, PG20, Pemberton Building, Palace Green

This stimulating one day workshop will bring together a group of world experts from the fields of animal behaviour, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology to consider how our future behaviour is directly influenced by our experiences of the past.

Life experiences influence both our future behaviours and our future decision making, and this influence appears to be true for both humans and non-human animals. This workshop will consider a range of ways in which questions about this relationship are addressed. For example, if past influences future in both humans and animals, does that mean time is represented in the same way in all cases? How do patients with no memory of past events cope with considering their own future? How do our early life experiences influence the way we judge others in the future? How do we modify our future behaviours on the basis of observing others' experiences? How does collective experience influence future behaviours? All these approaches converge on the notion that being able to remember the past allows us to adapt to the future.

The workshop aims to build interdisciplinary links within the university between all those interested in the question of how past influences future behaviour and intends to build towards an influential publication on the nature of time in these questions.

The workshop is free to attend and open to all.

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