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IAS Fellow's Public Lecture - Extreme floods: evidence in the landscape

21st January 2020, 17:30 to 18:30, Ustinov Room, Van Mildert College, Dr Anna Jones (Edge Hill University)


Extreme river floods frequently leave behind them evidence of their occurrence that is preserved within the landscape for decades to millennia. This evidence forms a natural record of extreme flooding that may be used to supplement the flood records that have been measured at river flow gauging stations or are chronicled in historical documents and by marks on bridges and buildings. The nature of the evidence of extreme floods preserved in a landscape depends on the characteristics of the river system and the climate and can include both landforms and flood deposits. It may record individual extreme flood events, or flood-rich episodes lasting up to several decades, over periods of centuries or millennia. This lecture discusses the evidence for extreme floods found in UK river systems, with a particular focus on rivers in Wales, the techniques required to extract usable information from this evidence and its potential for improving flood hazard assessments and understanding of the linkages between extreme flood occurrence and climate.

This lecture is free and open to all.

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