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Past Events

IAS Fellows' Seminar - How can we support children with autism spectrum disorders who are learning to read?

22nd October 2018, 13:00 to 14:00, Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study, Dr Joanne Arciuli (The University of Sydney)


Understanding how best to support literacy development in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is a pressing concern. There is growing support for the provision of the same kind of evidence-based reading instruction that is helpful for any beginning, at-risk, or low progress reader consistent with the earlier recommendations of the National Reading Panel (NRP; National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000) and other national reviews of effective reading instruction (e.g., Rose, 2009; Rowe, 2006). These reviews highlight that effective literacy instruction includes key elements known as the ‘Big Five’: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, and reading comprehension skills. A handful of studies have shown the efficacy of literacy instruction based on one or some of these elements for children with ASD. Very few studies have attempted to provide comprehensive literacy instruction across all Big Five elements. Yet, this is likely what children with ASD need in order to reach their full potential. Dr Joanne Arciuli will provide an overview of this topic and discuss efficacy studies from her collaborative research program.

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