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Past Events

Visual Evidence - Understanding Visual Evidence Workshop (Day 2 of Workshop 2)

25th May 2016, 09:00 to 14:00, Kenworthy Hall, St Mary's College

Facilitated by the Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS) and the Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures (CVAC), Understanding Visual Evidence consists of two workshops, which are designed as the point of departure and the endpoint of the Visual Evidence subtheme, respectively. The workshops will take up a set of related questions about the nature and conceptualization of ‘visual evidence’:

  • How are visual objects and practices employed in making claims about truth, fact and objectivity?
  • Which objects and practices have authority in different disciplinary contexts?
  • How does the constitution of ‘visual evidence’ change across time and space?
  • What role do visual technologies play in constructing and interpreting ‘visual evidence’?
  • What kind of ‘evidence’ do images offer?
  • What are the institutional contexts in which visual evidence is produced and interpreted?
  • What is the significance of the etymological connection between ‘evidence’ and ‘vision’?

The workshops will take up these questions from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Papers offering case studies on the construction and/or interpretation of visual evidence in selected disciplines (inter alia Earth Sciences, Geography, History, Philosophy, Visual Studies) will be paired with respondents asking questions about the way in which visual evidence is understood and seeking to probe the foundations on which knowledge is constructed.

The final plenary session will return to these questions as a means of summarizing and synthesizing the discussions that will have taken place in conjunction with the ‘Visual Evidence Sub-Theme’.

The first workshop will take place on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 October, 2015, Kenworthy Hall, St Mary’s College.

The second workshop will follow on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 May 2016, Kenworthy Hall, St Mary’s College.

Both workshops will begin at 2pm on Tuesday and finish at 2pm on Wednesday.

The workshops are open to all. To register, please email

Directions to St Mary's College

Map - St Mary's College is denoted as building No: 10

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