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Textual Evidence (The Life of Texts) - Public Lecture series: Textual Metamorphosis in Leonardo da Vinci's Manuscripts

8th December 2015, 18:00 to 19:30, Learning Centre, Palace Green Library, Professor Carlo Vecce, University of Naples 'L'Orientale'

The name of Leonardo da Vinci has acquired universal significance in contemporary global culture, and his paintings are regarded as awe-inspiring icons. But what does one really know about him? What is the actual evidence on which our knowledge of his world rests? This lecture aims to cast new light on the manuscripts of Leonardo as the best source for understanding his intellectual achievement and artistic career. Offering a textual universe of words and images in constant movement and perpetual metamorphosis, the manuscripts of Leonardo enlighten with striking vividness the nature of the relationship between art and science in the early modern period.

This series of lectures aims to tackle an ever-pressing issue common to most civilizations: the need for preserving the written legacy of peoples and nations as faithfully as possible, while ensuring its accessibility to future generations. Given by acknowledged experts in their field including among others Professor Richard Gameson (Durham University); Professor Barbara Graziosi (Durham University); Professor Francis Watson (Durham University); Professor Daniel Newman (Durham University); Dr Annalisa Cipollone (Durham University);and Professor Carlo Vecce (Instituto Universitario Orientale, Naples); the lectures are intended for a non-specialist audience and will address influential works in light of the textual evidence on which they rest. It is argued that an awareness of what the ‘life of texts’ entails is essential for a critical understanding of the transmission of culture.

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This lecture is free and open to all. 

Directions to Learning Centre, Palace Green Library

Map - Palace Green Library is denoted as building No. 22

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