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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Dr Bruce Malamud: Scaling and Patterns in Nature

30th October 2007, 20:00, Durham Castle

This talk is aimed at 'non-experts' and will explore some of the basic ideas of temporal and spatial scaling in nature. Examples, from the general literature and my own research, will include the physical sciences (e.g. the human body, plants, drainage networks, rocks, wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, tree rings) and the social sciences (e.g., architecture, African villages, London urban boundary). Concepts presented will include scaling, self-similarity, fractals, scale invariance, power laws, techniques for quantifying patterns, frequency-size distributions, clustering (persistence) in time, and self-affine time series. The talk is intended for both social and (non-expert) physical scientists, with ideas presented by way of numerous graphics, presentation (and discussion) of the power-law equation, and throughout a descriptive 'intuitive' discussion.

Bruce Malamud is a Reader in Natural and Environmental Hazards at King's College London. He is an IAS Fellow during Michaelmas term 2007.


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