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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Dr Glenn Milne: Modelling climate-driven sea-level change

7th February 2008, 18:30, The Calman Learning Centre, room 202

Climate change will affect us all; from the crops we can grow, common diseases we suffer from, our energy usage, weather patterns and so forth. The list is endless - ultimately the environment determines how we live. Hence it is vital that we have a robust model of the how our environment will respond to a changing climate and how our very existence is driving climate change. In this series of public lectures we will explore some of these issues by examining how we use models to understand the past and predict the future, also we will look at how we handle uncertainty and risk.

A key aspect will show how by reducing our uncertainty in our measurements we can identify causes and make more reliable predictions about the future. In the third lecture in this series, Dr Milne will look at one specific model of climate-driven sea-level change. He will examine the interlocking cause and effect of temperature, ice melting and the Earth's response to mass redistribution and how these will effect sea-level around the globe.

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