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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Professor Lynne Cameron (Applied Language and Literacies Research Unit, The Open University) in dialogue with Professor Andreas Musolff (MLAC): Metaphor use in real time: Evidence for 'affective models'

25th February 2008, 17:15 to 19:15, Institute of Advanced Study, Cosin's Hall, Durham University

This is part of the Metaphors as Models Interdisciplinary Dialogues series.

What happens to the Conceptual Metaphor Theory idea that metaphors are kinds of models when we look at real people using metaphors in real time?

Using focus group data from a recently completed ESRC-funded project into people’s perceptions of the risk of terrorism, I will show how, conceptually, the metaphorical ‘models’ people use in real time talk are multiple, partial, blurred, overlapping, under-determined and ad-hoc. However, when viewed from the perspective of affect, much more coherence is to be found.

I will suggest that metaphors work as ‘affective models’ through embodiment, perception and socio-cultural convention. If we accept the idea that emotions and feelings underpin thinking (Damasio 1994; 1999), then the affective is more important in understanding how metaphor works than has been assumed.

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