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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Emergence: where is the evidence? Workshop

6th July 2015, 14:00 to 8th July 2015, 13:00, Birley Room, Hatfield College

Physics and Emergence

Scientists and philosophers have developed a range of different
mathematical and qualitative theoretical criteria for weak and strong emergence, but their mutual relevance is not always clear. This workshop aims to develop the connections so as to bring out the scientific significance of the philosophical criteria and the philosophical significance of the scientific criteria. Discussion will focus on how mathematical and qualitative theoretical criteria for weak and strong emergence apply to specific physical systems and properties, as modelled in quantum and statistical mechanics. It will examine how these examples fit into the philosophical debate on emergence, reduction and the existence of downward causation.


Workshop commences 2:00pm on 6th July, all day on 7th July, and ends 1:00pm on 8th July.

Deadline for applications, noon, Wednesday 1st July 2015.

Applications to be emailed to Catherine Syson;


Contact for more information about this event.