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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Representing Women: Objectionable Images and Gender (In)equality - A public panel discussion

12th March 2014, 16:00 to 17:30, Calman Learning Centre, Rosemary Cramp theatre, Durham University, South Road, Betiel Baraki (Object), Angela Towers (No More Page 3) and Lizzie Bailey (lookPositive)

Representing Women: Objectionable Images and Gender (In)equality - A public panel discussion

Everyday life is full of media images that objectify, sexualise and trivialise women. How do these affect gender relations at home and in the workplace? What does this objectification mean for women at each stage in their lives, and particularly when they are young adults: for example, how do these issues play out in contemporary university settings? And how do such representations of women affect their relationships with their own bodies?

Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study and Women In Leadership Durham, in collaboration with the University’s Feminism Society and its Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse, bring together a panel of speakers to explore these issues.

The event is free, and audience members will be encouraged to participate in the discussion.

Registration is essential at:

The panel

Chair: Professor Veronica Strang, Anthropologist and Executive Director of Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study.


Betiel Baraki, Object: Betiel is the Campaigns and Outreach Officer at Object, which campaigns against sexualised representations of women. 

Angela Towers, No More Page 3: Angela Towers is a volunteer at the No More Page 3 campaign (NMP3).

Lizzie Bailey, lookPositive: Lizzie Bailey is a Durham University student and the founder of lookPositive, an award winning social enterprise designed to help people to accept their bodies just the way they are. 


Chair: Professor Veronica Strang, Durham University Institute of Advanced Study

The IAS fosters interdisciplinary research and encourages public engagement with the University. Veronica is its Executive Director, as well as being an anthropologist. Her research includes work on gender issues around the ownership and control of water, and a long-term interest in how gender is represented in visual imagery and material culture.

Betiel Baraki, Object
Betiel campaigns against the sex-object culture and the mainstreaming of the sex and porn industries. Currently she is working on Lose the Lads Mags, Rewind&Reframe, a campaign that challenges music videos with racist and sexist content, Media sexism, a campaign that challenges sexual objectification of women in print media. She also provides sessions on media sexism and sexual objectifications of women and girls at schools. She holds an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at London School of Economics and has a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Politics with International Studies from the University of Warwick.. 

Angela Towers, No More Page 3
Angela Towers (NMP3) started in the summer of 2012 when Lucy Holmes found she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the largest female image in The Sun was of a young woman showing her breasts for men, even though Jessica Ennis had just won her gold Olympic medal. Since then, the campaign has grown and now has a whole movement of women and men asking that that the Sun voluntarily remove page 3. She is also the owner of activist T shirt design and printing company ’The Fashion Move – Forward Thinking Fashion’ and North West Feminists founder and activist

Lizzie Bailey, lookPositive
Lizzie Bailey is a Durham University student and the founder of lookPositive, a movement designed to help people to accept their bodies just the way they are. lookPositive runs workshops in schools and in the community enabling people to see their bodies in a positive light and resist multiple social pressures to change their bodies. The organisation also has an extensive online presence, giving women everyday tips about being comfortable in their own skin. lookPositive is an award-winning social enterprise whose work has received recognition at both the Durham and Regional Blueprint Business awards.

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