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Past Events

Neil Shubin: Fossils, Genes and Major Evolutionary Transitions

17th May 2007, 17:15 to 18:45, The Birley Room, Hatfield College

Professor Neil Shubin, University of Chicago

This is part of 'The Darwinian Legacy: Earth, Life and Mind' Seminar Series.

New fossils discoveries and breakthroughs in molecular biology have given us a clearer picture of how major changes happened during the evolution of animal life. This combined approach is revealing how simple Darwinian processes can account for large-scale evolutionary changes during the history of the earth.

Professor Neil Shubin is Associate Dean for Evolutionary Biology and Robert R. Bensley Professor University of Chicago, and Provost, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. His work links research across diverse temporal, phylogenetic and structural scales in order to understand the mechanisms behind the evolutionary origin of new anatomical features and faunas. He was a member of the team that recently discovered a new fossil animal in Arctic Canada that is almost perfectly intermediate between fish and amphibian.

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