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Durham University

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Past Events

Time and Heritage Public Lecture - 'Pubs, Clubs and the Sex Pistols: Exploring the Right to Heritage'

27th February 2013, 18:15 to 19:15, Room ER201, Elvet Riverside Building, Dr John Schofield (University of York)

Heritage is changing. The way we think about heritage today, in 2013, is very different to how it was considered and approached even a decade ago. And it is refreshing to think that the way we will think about heritage in ten years time will be different again.

In the 2005 Faro Convention, heritage was aligned closely with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was stated that everyone should be able to participate in the ongoing process of defining and managing cultural heritage. The implication is that 'we are all experts'. But how can this ideal be achieved, and should it be an aspiration at all? In this presentation some examples are presented which illustrate the changing views of heritage, reaching the conclusion that this should indeed be an aspiration, and that it is achievable, but only if those who work in the heritage sector continue to change their ways, to adapt to a changing world just as the objects of our interest will change.


John Schofield is Head of the Archaeology Department at the University of York, where he is also Director of Studies in Cultural Heritage Management. Prior to his appointment at York in 2010, John spent 21 years with English Heritage, where many of the ideas (and projects) presented here were formed.

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