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Durham University

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IAS Fellow's Public Lecture - Does Time Really Pass

20th November 2012, 17:15, Kenworthy Hall, St Mary's College, Dr Simon Prosser

We are all familiar with the notion that time passes. But what does this really mean? In this lecture Dr Prosser shall outline some philosophical theories of temporal passage along with a class of theories according to which time does not pass. Dr Prosser shall then describe a serious problem for the claim that time passes.

The best reason for thinking that time passes is that we experience it passing. But shall also argue that, despite appearances to the contrary, it is not possible to experience time passing. Our apparent experience of time passing is an illusion. It follows that time does not pass, or so Dr Prosser shall argue. If these conclusions are correct then it is an important project for philosophers and psychologists to explain why it seems to us that time passes.

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This lecture is free and open to all. 

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Map - St Mary's College is denoted as building No: 10

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