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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study


Despite COVID-19, the IAS plans to hold a full programme of virtual lectures and seminars. Further events will be added to this page as they are scheduled.

IAS Public Lecture - Apollo Lies Weeping: on the Broken Dreams of Gods and Infidels

25th November 2020, 17:30 to 18:30, Virtual - via Zoom, Sarah Danays, Independent Sculptor and Photographer

Public Lecture by Sarah Danays, Independent Sculptor and Photographer.

Sarah Danays’ photography and sculpture draw upon her experiences as a woman. She is unapologetic about blending autobiography and research in her talks and her writing.
She undertakes such blending in her studio practice, where hand-carved stone interventions meld with old, fragmented and broken objects. These sought-out antiques, created centuries earlier by anonymous sculptors – her dead collaborators – are the key components in a process she describes as “metaphysical surgery”.
In the Greek “meta” means beyond, while “physical” refers to the natural world. Danays’
lecture will further explore what is beyond everyday experience or knowledge as she draws on classical mythology to inform her IAS Fellowship and the related exhibition “Uterine Dreams”, in addressing love and violence, pregnancy and loss, divorce and grief.
Using her “meta-mythological” lens she will weave the stories of Aeneas’s journey into the Underworld to gain the counsel of his father; and the birth of Asclepius, ripped from his unfaithful, dead mother’s womb by Apollo, with the narrative of her own journey – and those of her broken objects – towards wholeness.
Her lecture will unravel the process and meaning behind her “metaphysical surgery” as she shares the ancient and contemporary roles that dreams and dreaming can play in the healing of troubled hearts and minds.

This lecture is free and open to all.

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The Lecture will take place on Zoom. To register please click here.

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