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Institute of Advanced Study

The Knowledge Economy

The EU has selected the Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe (DIME) network as a network of excellence under the 6th Framework Programme. This network focuses on the spatial dynamics of the knowledge economy and its potential for Europe. This particular workshop will examine knowledge generation in different types of community of practice (CoP), from the shop-floor to virtual communities, with a view to critically evaluating the potential of CoPs for regional regeneration and corporate competitiveness and innovation.

The workshop will bring together 40 scholars from the DIME network and beyond, as well as practitioners from government and industry. The papers will be structured around the following themes:

  • Dynamics of CoPs in different organization and spatial contexts
  • Investigating CoPs: methodologies for studying CoPs
  • Strengths and weaknesses of CoPs for sustained knowledge generation and innovation
  • Harnessing the potential of CoPs for competitive advantage
  • Public policy implications of CoPs

These themes will be explored through both the communitarian perspective as well as other contemporary accounts of innovation and learning.

The conference will be held either in the Department of Geography or Cosins Hall, a magnificent building on the world heritage site of Palace Green, which will house the recently formed Institute of Advanced Study.

This event will provide an exciting opportunity for some of the best minds in the field to review the significance of CoPs and to fashion a new generation of future research, relevant to both academics as well as policy and industrial practitioners. The speakers will include prominent DIME researchers including:

  • Ed Steinmuller (University of Sussex)
  • Bart Nooteboom (Tilburg University)
  • Peter Maskell (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Patrick Cohendet (Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg)
  • Edward Lorenz (University of Nice/Sophia Antipolis)
  • Philip Cooke (University of Cardiff)
  • Michael Storper (London Schoool of Economics)
  • Helena Lopes (Research Centre on Socioeconomic Change, Lisbon)

They will join a distinguished set of experts beyond the DIME network, including:

  • Paul Duguid (Berkeley)
  • Meric Gertler (University of Toronto)
  • Gernot Grabher (University of Bonn)
  • Harry Scarbrough (Warwick Business School)
  • Sylvia Gherardi (University of Trento)
  • Allesia Contu (Lancaster University)
  • David Stark (Columbia University)
  • Nigel Thrift (University of Warwick)