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Institute of Advanced Study

Christopherson/Knott Foundation Fellows

The Institute of Advanced Study, at the request of Durham University's Research Committee, took over the responsibility for the administration of these internal fellowships in 2006-07. The fellowship became a three-month award and recipients are automatically granted IAS affiliate status for the duration of the fellowship. The first of the new style fellowships were awarded in 2006-07 for the 2007-08 academic year. Details of recipients of the Sir Derman Christopherson/Sir James Knott Foundation Fellowships (since the IAS took over the fellowship scheme) can be obtained by following the links below:


October - December 2017

Dr Mike Church (Archaeology)

Dr Kasper Peeters (Mathematical Sciences)

January - March 2018

Dr Ehmke Pohl (Chemistry and Biosciences)


January - March 2017
Professor Clare McGlynn (Law)

March - May 2017
Dr Susanne Braun (Business School)


January-March 2016

Dr Alex Easton (Psychology)
Professor David Herman (English Studies)
Professor Bennett Zon (Music)


January-March 2015

Professor Richard Bower (Physics)
Professor Martin Clayton (Music)
Professor Nicholas Saul (Modern Languages and Cultures)


October-December 2013

Dr Colin Lever (Psychology)
Dr Ted Kaizer (Classics and Ancient History)

January-March 2014

Professor Eleanor Spaventa (Law)


October-December 2012
Professor Lewis Ayres (Theology and Religion)
Dr Nayanika Mookherjee (Anthropology)
January-March 2013
Professor Pamela Clemit (English Studies)


October-December 2011
Dr Daniel Paulusma (Engineering and Computer Sciences)
January-March 2012


October-December 2010
Dr Simon J James (English Studies)
Professor Yaoling Niu (Earth Sciences)


January-March 2010
April-June 2010
Professor Carlo Caruso (School of Modern Languages)
Dr Anna Leone (Department of Archaeology)


October-December 2008
Professor Timothy Clark (Department of English Studies)
January-March 2009
Professor Neil Cameron (Department of Chemistry)
Dr Matthew Ratcliffe (Department of Philosophy)


January-March 2008
Professor Richard Bower (Department of Physics)
Professor Jeremy Hutson (Department of Chemistry)
April-June 2008
Professor Sarah Banks (School of Applied Social Sciences)