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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Diversity: Guidance for Addison Wheeler Fellowship Applicants

Durham University is fully committed to eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity for our staff and students in line with our University Strategy. We are an Equal Opportunity employer and the application and recruitment process will closely follow the University equal opportunity policies: this includes measures to ensure fairness in the employment process with equal treatment and respect to all applicants irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion or beliefs, disability, or sexual orientation.


Appointments will be based on evidence that the applicant has qualifications and experience appropriate to the post for which application is being made. To aid Durham University in this, there are several pieces of information, such as: photos, dates of birth, marital status etc. that candidates do not need to include in applications. These are listed on the Additional Application Guidance page.

Career Breaks

To ensure that applicants who might have had career breaks in the past are not disadvantaged, allowances will be made. The eligibility criteria for AWF do not impose an explicit limitation on post-doctoral experience in order to accommodate diverse career paths. For a traditional career path, applicants will normally be expected to have 2-5 years post-doctoral experience and that the upper limit in this guidance is increased by one year for each year of maternity/paternity leave that the applicant has taken. The number of years post-doctoral experience will be calculated from the information given in the application / CV. Applicants are, therefore, requested to provide as much information as possible. The IAS will be happy to advise, should you feel your case is borderline (


We do not discriminate on age and understand that academic careers are sometimes prefaced by other careers. ‘Junior’ and ‘young researchers’, therefore, refer to the length of academic career and not the age of an applicant.


All AWFs will have a contract of employment and will have equal pay, health and social care coverage, access to learning and training opportunities, adequate support in case of special needs, guidance on childcare etc. All Fellows will have equal access to the University’s sick pay, maternity and paternity leave schemes, pension schemes, etc.

More general information about Diversity and Equality at Durham University can be found at: