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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development

Research or Other Paid Leave To Enhance Research

Arrangements for the Academic Year 2019/20

Heads of Departments will continue to be responsible for co-ordinating and prioritising applications for their departments. Approved applications should be sent to The Faculty Office by Monday 3 December 2018 and should be marked "Research or Other Paid Leave".

The attention of Heads of Departments is drawn to the list of conditions for Research or Other Paid Leave, and especially to item 10 in the preamble:

"Applications may be encouraged and will be prioritised by the Head of Department, advised by Departmental Directors of Research and Learning and Teaching, in line with departmental and University research priorities, especially in the light of planning for the subsequent HEFCE Research performance evaluation exercise".

The Faculty PVC's role will be to ensure applications are in line with the strategic research direction of the Faculty and that clear and measurable objectives for the period of leave sought have been agreed. Faculty PVCs are responsible for the final acceptance or rejections of applications.

Please refer to the menu link for conditions of Research or Other Paid leave.

An application form and report form can also be downloaded from the links below.


Please note that applicants for leave in 2019/20 are requested to submit applications to their Head of Department in time for the process to complete before teaching arrangements are finalised. Heads of Departments will advise on timescales for the process.

Applications from each Department should also be forwarded to the Departmental Director of Research and Departmental Director of Learning and Teaching for confirmation that adequate teaching cover can be provided for each application.

Any applications falling outside the normal conditions should be highlighted and information should be provided on the application form, e.g. out of round applications.

Please also note that all research leave applications should be typed and must be accompanied by a research leave report form confirming the outcomes of the last period of leave (if applicable).


All applications for Research or Other Paid Leave should clearly set out the individual's objectives for the period of leave requested. These objectives should be specific and measurable.

Please see the application form for further information on the level of detail required in relation to targets for both publications and grant applications.

It is necessary for the Head of Department to explain how the individual's objectives fit within the department's research strategy.

Successful applications will be informed in writing by the Faculty PVC by the end of January 2019.