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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development

Equal Pay Policy

This policy applies to all staff employed by Durham University. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for implementing this policy.

Durham University supports the principle of equal opportunities in employment and believes as part of that principle, that staff of different age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender (including staff who have undergone gender re-assignment), marital or civil partnership status, religion or belief and non belief and regardless of whether or not pregnant or on maternity leave, will receive equal treatment. Employees should receive equal pay for the same or broadly similar work, for work rated as equivalent and for work of equal value.

The right to equal pay is a fundamental principle of the Equality Act 2010. It is good practice that pay is awarded fairly and is in direct support of the University's policies on diversity and equality.

In order to achieve equal pay for employees doing equal work, we will operate a pay system which is transparent, based on objective criteria and free from unlawful bias. We use the HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) system to assist with determining equal pay for posts in Grades 1 to 9.

To put our commitment to equal pay into practice, we will:

1. Carry out an equal pay review of gender and implement the actions arising from it in a planned programme. Publish the results of the equal pay review of gender;

2. Carry out regular monitoring of the impact of our practices in line with the University's Diversity and Equality policies. Inform employees of how these practices work and how their own pay* is arrived at (on request from a role holder and respond to grievances on equal pay);

3. Provide training and guidance for managers and supervisory staff involved in decisions about pay and benefits.

It is intended through the above action, to avoid unfair discrimination and to reward fairly the required knowledge, skills and competencies of all staff employed by Durham University. In turn, this is intended to increase efficiency and enhance the University's reputation and image as a world university.


* Pay definition:

Pay in this context is defined in the broadest sense and has several components,

  • financial rewards (e.g. base pay, variable pay (eg market pay), allowances (eg overtime or call-out payments, expenses) and
  • benefits (eg pension, nursery).