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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development

Preparing for Change

A key factor in preparing for change and delivering change effectively is enabling trust and confidence, this will help everyone to work towards achieving the same vision.

Depending on the size of the change, it may be necessary (and helpful) to create a dedicated change team; a dedicated, diverse team of people- with a range of skills and attributes- to help you design and drive change. Creating a strong coalition of people to sponsor, engage, role model and support others through the change is vital. This can be made up of people in your own team, as well as those from outside your team. You may also want to include some key stakeholders in your change team – including those who will be affected by the change. Not only will they have influence where you may not, they can help you to address problems that you may not have seen from your more limited perspective. Your change team will help you shape the change as it unfolds, along with the accompanying communications, so as to successfully deliver the desired outcomes.

All staff can help shape the direction of the organisation, look for opportunities to involve yourself in change projects, in particular when the change affects you.