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Welcome to Job Families

Welcome to the Job Families home page where you will find supporting materials such as guidance documents, job profiles, presentations as well as an on-line learning module to help managers with the roll out of job familes to their Professional Services staff / departments.

Job Families Online Training

The online training - Job Families, is available to all managers who are implementing Job Families into their respective departments and can be accessed in the My Organisations and Online Training section on duo.

When in the Job Families section on duo please click onto Content where you will be able to launch the training.

Managers Guidance

On this page you can find guidance documents that will help managers to introduce Job Families to their respective departments.

Please note the guidance for implementing job families into departments without structural change has been updated in January 2019 to reflect feedback and now incorporates a flow chart that will guide managers through the process.

Please click here for guidance on implementing job families into departments without structural change.

Please click here for guidance on implementing job families into departments undergoing structural change and for recruitment.

Job Families Frameworks

Please click here for the scheme document.

This section includes detailed descriptions of each family and how they link to the University Strategy.

Job Profiles

Please click here for job profiles. This section is to help support managers to select the correct role profile based on the Job Family and grade and is the starting place for creating Job Descriptions.

Please click here for the link to word versions of RYPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for frequently asked questions.

Personal Development

Please click here to access the Personal Development page for all training and development resources provided by the University. You can also utilise a Personal Development workbook linked to your Job Familiy and grade to help you create a Development Plan. Frequently asked questions about this resource can be accessed here.

Manager Testamonials

The Estates and Facilities Directorate was one of the early adopters of the job family approach; implementing the new-style job descriptions as part of a wider-Directorate review and restructure.

All members of staff received a new job description and were given the opportunity to provide feedback and comments before they were finalised. The majority of staff were comfortable with the new job descriptions, with only minimal queries raised, which were easily resolved.

My team have found the introduction of the job family job descriptions particularly helpful in providing consistency between colleagues/peers, clearly demonstrating that employees in similar positions, across a job family, have the same/similar responsibilities and are working to the same level. This knowledge has been beneficial in providing them with a framework for career progression, and helping them to identify transferrable skills or skills gaps.

The job family job descriptions have formed the basis of a collaborative piece of work on Succession Planning between HROD and ACS, to develop a career pathways tool, which clearly identifies routes employees can follow to progress their careers, through a particular job family.

Helen Strangward MIWFM. Director of Accommodation and Commercial Services

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