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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development


Director's Office: Mrs Joanne Race Director of Human Resources & Organisation Development 46502
Mrs Lauren Edwards Assistant HR Director (Reward & Workforce Planning) 46518
Ms Nicola Johnston Assistant HR Director (and Employment Lawyer) 46515
Miss Jill Harker Executive Assistant 46503
Mrs Caroline Bulman Personal Assistant 46501
Mrs Sharon Addison Administrator (HR Director's Office) 46422 Contact Sharon Addison
HR Business Partnering Team & Employment Law: Ms Nicola Johnston Assistant Director of HR & Employment Lawyer 46515
Mrs Lucy Woods Head of HR Business Partnering 46527
Miss Natalie McNeil HR Administrator (Employee Relations) 46521
HR Business Partnering Team: Professional Support Services, Finance & Colleges: Mr Tim Mensley HR Business Partner 46507
Mrs Deborah Moller-Andersen HR Business Partner 46878
Mrs Catherine Shield HR Business Partner (Change Management) 46805 Contact Catherine Shield
Mrs Amy Wrightson HR Adviser (Maternity cover) 44460 Contact Amy Wrightson
Mrs Karen Houghton HR Adviser 46520 Contact Karen Houghton
Miss Amy Knox HR Adviser 46500 Contact Amy Knox
HR Business Partnering Team: Academic Faculties: Mrs Helen Symcox HR Business Partner 46508
Mrs Claire Malecki HR Adviser 45415 Contact Claire Malecki
Mrs Catherine Saxton HR Business Partner 46497
Mrs Judith Murphy HR Adviser 46873 Contact Judith Murphy
Mrs Joanne Davidson HR Business Partner 46534 Contact Joanne Davidson
Mrs Libbi Boyce HR Business Partner 46528
Miss Kelly Sayers HR Adviser (Maternity) 45415 Contact Kelly Sayers
Occupational Health & Welfare Services: Mrs Louise Huscroft Senior Manager (Occupational Health) 42657 Contact Louise Huscroft
Mrs Andrea Johnson Occupational Health Technician 42671 Contact Andrea Johnson
Mrs Louise Croucher Occupational Health Administrator 42662 Contact Louise Croucher
Mrs Laura Turnbull Occupational Health Administrator 42667
HR Business Support Services: Mrs Lucy Haworth HR Business Support Manager 46516
Mrs Shandeep Sanghera HR Administrator (Business Support) 46512 Contact Shandeep Sanghera
Miss Danielle Cameron HR Administrator (Business Support) 46511 Contact Danielle Cameron
Miss Shelley Edwards HR Administrator (Business Support) 46499
Mrs Joanne Patterson HR Administrator (Business Support) 46512 Contact Joanne Patterson
Mrs Stephanie Sutton HR Administrator (Business Support) 46535 Contact Stephanie Sutton
Miss Rebecka Johannesson HR Administrator (Business Support) 46498 Contact Rebecka Johannesson
Mrs Barbara Brass HR Administrative Assistant (Business Support) 46533
Mrs Gail Tatters HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46510 Contact Gail Tatters
HR Recruitment: Mrs Helen Moran Recruitment Manager 46418 Contact Helen Moran
Miss Cherith Smith Assistant Manager (Recruitment) 46801 Contact Cherith Smith
Mrs Stina Maynard Relocation Manager 46417
Mrs Paula Christon HR Administrator (UKVI & Relocation Support) 46514
Mrs Emma Robinson (nee Taylor) HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46517
Ms Michele Groark HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46531 Contact Michele Groark
Mrs Nancy Ogunbiyi HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46416 Contact Nancy Ogunbiyi
Miss Hayley Windsor HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46579 Contact Hayley Windsor
Mrs Diane Chadwick HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46529 Contact Diane Chadwick
Ms Leah Harrison HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46530 Contact Leah Harrison
Miss Rebecca Loftus HR Administrator (Recruitment) 46415 Contact Rebecca Loftus
Workforce Planning, Development & Reward: Mrs Lauren Edwards Assistant Director Workforce Planning, Development & Reward 46518
Workforce Planning, Development & Reward: Workforce Planning & Development: Mr Neil Dawson HR Business Partner (Workforce Planning) 46421 Contact Neil Dawson
Mrs Caroline Hall Workforce Planning & Development Officer 46449
Mr Kevin Ferguson Workforce Planning Data Specialist 41642
Mr Craig Pearson Workforce Planning Analyst 46539
Mrs Natalie Hardy Workforce Planning Analyst 46513 Contact Natalie Hardy
Mrs Emily Edwards Workforce Planning Administrator 46526 Contact Emily Edwards
Workforce Planning, Development & Reward: Research & Reward: Mr Brian Elliott HR Business Partner (Reward, Policy & Research) 46562 Contact Brian Elliott
Mrs Emma Beavis HR Business Partner 46483 Contact Emma Beavis
Mrs Claire Clarke HR Officer (Pay & Reward) 46564 Contact Claire Clarke
Dr Andrew Shuttleworth HR Administrator (Reward, Policy & Research) 46541 Contact Andrew Shuttleworth
Miss Kim Roberts Nursery Manager 48157 Contact Kim Roberts
Mrs Adele Warner Nursery Team Leader 48153 Contact Adele Warner
Miss Hayley Staff Nursery Team Leader 48153 Contact Hayley Staff
Organisation Development: Mrs Sophie Sowerby Head of Organisation Development 41640
Mrs Claire Hunter ( nee Tindale) Senior Organisation Development Manager 41649
Mrs Deborah Beel Senior Organisation Development Manager 46519 Contact Deborah Beel
Miss Michelle Taylor Learning & Organisation Development Adviser 46494 Contact Michelle Taylor
Mrs Amy Cutts HR Administrator (Learning & Organisation Development) 41647 Contact Amy Cutts