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Human Resources

Process for Departments & Visitors

Process for Departments

Following engagement with an Academic Visitor the host Department must:

  • Inform the Departmental Administrator who will allocate desk space and a pc if necessary
  • Complete a basic new starter form and submit, along with a copy of the written support from an identified academic sponsor (a member of academic staff) in the Department and a copy of the invitation letter sent to the Academic visitor by the University (see Academic Visitors page), to the Business Support Team in Human Resources
  • If the Visitor is non-EEA, HR will then send a letter to the individual stating their obligations, they must return a signed acceptance. Overseas visitors will be required to attend for an enhanced check prior to be setting up the HR system to ensure they have met UKVI requirements
  • Provide a basic induction for the individual on their arrival including but not limited to, Health & Safety training, Data Protection training and any local procedures and policies

Please note: an IT account cannot be created until the individual has been entered onto the HR system. IT accounts will be closed automatically at the end of the visit, however if the individual has, for instance, generated research data that they require access to following the visit the account may be extended for a period of up to 12 months upon completion of a continuation form – this is the responsibility of the host Department.

Process for Visitors

The following points are the responsibility of the Visitor:

  • Have written support from an identified academic sponsor (a member of academic staff) in the host Department and be invited in writing by the University
  • Correct visa, if relevant, is sought and UKVI clearance is received. An enhanced check with the University’s Immigration Office may be necessary upon arrival
  • Ensure that you have enough funds to pay for your bench fees and support yourself whilst in Durham
  • Have a plan of research activity for the duration of the visit

The University has a dedicated Relocation Manager, Stina Maynard, who is available to offer guidance on your visit to Durham. Stina can work alongside you to provide support with your domestic arrangements, accommodation search, area information and useful tips for living in the UK to help you settle into the area as smoothly as possible. Please telephone +44 (0) 191 334 6417 or email for more information.

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