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Brown, J, Hunter, D.J, Marks, L, Salway, S, Gray, J, McCafferty, S, Payne, N, Peckham, S, Thokala, P & Vale, L (2017). Shifting the gravity of spending? Exploring methods for supporting public health commissioners in priority-setting to improve population health and address health inequalities. Report of the findings of a follow on study. Durham, Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health.

Author(s) from Durham


The whole study aims to develop support for local authority-based public health commissioners and other stakeholders in prioritising investment in health and addressing health inequalities, and in deciding on disinvestment. In addition, it seeks to understand the issues surrounding the decision-making process. The specific research questions addressed in the overall study are:
1. Which prioritisation tools do commissioners find useful for prioritising public health investment and why?
2. What are the enablers and barriers for decision-making related to prioritising investment in public health?
3. What difference does the use of specific decision-making support exert on spending within and across programmes with reference to improving health and addressing health inequalities?


The research was funded by the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR).