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Global Policy Institute

Alternative Frameworks


This project aims to identify the structures of justification and legitimation used by international actors in their claim to authority in global governance, specifically in relation to the formulation of legal claims, the rule of law and democracy. The focus of this project would be in two parts. First, it would study the manner in which the legal form and method are invoked by States, judicial institutions, international organisations and non-State actors, in order to understand and cognise the particular juridical frame that undergirds the international order. Secondly, it would identify and engage critically with the political choices and prevalent ideological commitments immanent in that particular legal form. This would, thirdly, open the possibility to propose alternative normative frameworks for global governance, which could draw on new political theories (for example, but not including, neo-federalism, international legal pluralism). These alternative normative frameworks would also require political justification, but may also have descriptive purpose.