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ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

ESRC IAA Projects

This page includes a full list of the projects that are funded by the ESRC IAA Durham Fund.

Establishing Partnerships

Off the Page and Making an Impact: Socio-Legal Research Videos [more info]

Smart Border Security: Challenges and Opportunities [more info]

Influencing Policy on Clothing Colour in International Combat Sports [more info]

Diaspora-Israel Relations [more info]

Might Never Happen: Research-Led Theatre in Education [more info]

Fostering Engagement

Ethical Issues in Community-Based Participatory Research: Extending and Evidencing Impact [more info]

Promoting Spatially Targeted Regulation of Agricultural Externalities [more info]

Climate Change and Migration: Art, Publics and Politics [more info]

Boundary Disputes and Land Governance: South Sudan and North Uganda [more info]

Unacceptable Forms of Work: A Global Dialogue [more info]

Ramallah Debt Summit [more info]

Reforming the Life in the UK test [more info]

PACK - Parliamentary Constituency Kit [more info]

Weatherfronts - Writing Climate Change [more info]

Researching Together

Participatory Research Hub - Phases One and Two [more info]

Design for Creativity and Innovation in Informal Science Learning Environments [more info]

Developing a New Approach for Infact Sleep-Sharing Safety [more info]

Accelerating Impact of Field Assessment Audits in Ethical Supply Chains [more info]

A Study in Workforce Factors, Behaviours and Service Delivery in Policing [more info]

CRACKS: Staging Women's Lives Experiences of Austerity [more info]

Keeping Things Simple: Achieving Impact from Achievable Working Arrangements between Local Authorities and the Third Sector in a Tightening Budgetary Environment [more info]

PROTOHOME: Testing the Potential of Self-Build Housing within Austerity [more info]

Forging Pathways to Warm and Healthy Homes for Vulnerable Households [more info]

The Centre for Gender Equal Media at Durham University [more info]

Sharing the Responsibility for Health and Wellbeing [more info]

Co-Producing guidelines and an illustrated guide relating to the ethics of documenting sexual violence during conflict in Bangladesh and UK [more info]