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ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

ESRC IAA Application Form

Please refer to the Durham ESRC Societal & Economic Impact Acceleration Fund Guidelines when completing this application.

1. Area of Activity

Please select the primary area that your proposed activity/initiative will support.

Please refer to Appendix 2 of the Durham ESRC Societal & Economic Impact Acceleration Fund Guidelines

2. Applicant Details
3. Project Details
Please complete using language appropriate for a non-academic audience.

This will be displayed on the Durham and/or ESRC website.

Include weblink to Durham Research Online where relevant (not applicable for co-produced research)

For example, cash or in-kind contributions such as use of meeting rooms, non-academic staff time etc.

4. Secondment/Placement Details
Only complete if relevant
If Inward
If Outward
All Secondments/placements
5. Anticipated Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts
Please refer to the KPI's listed in Appendix 4 of the Durham ESRC Societal & Economic Impact Acceleration Fund Guidelines.
6. Budget
Please give full details of all requested funding for your activity/initiative. Include detailed itemisation of each cost below.

Please provide a brief justification of the resources requested.

Travel and Subsistence
7. Additional Information

Please provide details of the Departmental Ethics Committee Meeting and/or minutes when this project was approved.

Please provide name, position, organisation, address and contact details for all collaborating partners without whom it would not be possible to deliver the project.  They are probably contributing in-kind cost or cash, and have been closely involved in co-producing the IAA project.  As such, they would be required to sign a collaboration agreement in the event of a successful IAA award being made.

These are organisations, people or communities that will benefit from being involved, and on whom there will be the impact that you are aiming to claim.  They may or may not be the same as collaborators.

8. Applicant's Declarations