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Durham University

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Durham REC Updates and Events

Advance HE updates on REC

Advance HE has recently announced that they will be implementing a rolling submission deadline for the July 2021 round in light of the impact of the pandemic. Institutions applying in this round can choose to submit anytime from 22 July to 17 September 2021 or defer their submission to the February 2022 round - further information on this can be found here.

The University has committed to submit its REC application for a Bronze Award in the July 2021 round. Following Advance HE's announcement, the Diversity and Equality Advisory Group (DEAG) has agreed that we will submit our REC application to Advance HE this September. We recognise that the previous year has seen a growing urgency and awareness of the engrained inequalities faced by our minority ethnic communities. Hence, we are keen to finalise and share a robust and resourced REC action plan to the University community this year, as demonstrable evidence of our strong commitment to addressing the systemic issues raised around race equality.

The University will also take part in Advance HE’s developmental review for institutions submitting in the July round. By taking part, we can benefit from a remote review of our draft REC application and action plan conducted by an Advance HE equality charters expert who will provide feedback and advice. We are scheduled to take part in this developmental review in May 2021.

Race Equality Week 2021

Taking place from 01 to 07 February 2021, the UK’s inaugural Race Equality Week is being launched by Race Equality Matters, with an aim to unite organisations and individuals in activity to address issues affecting minoritised groups. The theme for this year is Transparency and Accountability.

Race Equality Matters, a non-profit community interest company, was formed in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, to turn declaration of commitment and support from organisations and individuals into meaningful change. Further information on Race Equality Week and various online events taking place can be found here.

As we build on our ongoing race equality work at Durham University, we can all help to create a more anti-racist community, address racial disparities and tackle racism—whether covert or overt. Being informed of these issues and raising awareness are good starting points. Please click on the boxes below to view relevant resource pages.

University-wide REC Consultations: September and October 2020

We recognise that in order to achieve sustainable and long-term impact, the development of the REC action plan requires input and commitment from the whole institution. As such, 2 consultation meetings with staff and students have taken place (on 29 September and 29 October 2020). These were led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Stuart Corbridge, and members of the REC Self-Assessment Team (Dr Jordan Mullard, Prof Ari Sadanandom and Daniel Takyi).

The action plan will then undergo further refinement based on feedback obtained through the consultation process. The final REC action plan and application for the charter mark are scheduled to be submitted to AdvanceHE by July 2021. To view the presentation slides and the summary of themes emerging from the REC consultations, please click on the boxes below.

REC survey findings, self-assessment activities and action planning

The University’s Race Equality Charter Survey ran from November 2019 until January 2020. Apart from being a mandatory element of the REC process, the REC Survey was conducted in order to gain an understanding of workplace and student cultures at Durham University, and to provide a benchmark against which to measure progress. A total of 1,411 staff and students participated in the REC survey with 836 staff members and 575 students. Read more about this update here.

Race Equality Charter Launch Event: May 2019

We want our whole community to be able, and have opportunities, to discuss race equality issues – particularly how they are reflected in our curriculum and student experience. To support this, on Thursday 23 May 2019, we held a launch event for our work on REC at the Elvet Hill House. This was co-hosted with the Oriental Museum and attended by over 50 staff and students. Click here to read more.

Durham’s REC Self-Assessment Team Learning Session

A REC learning session conducted by a charter expert from Advance HE (Ruth Gilligan, Assistant Director for Equality Charters) was held in 30 January 2019. The session aimed to provide a better understanding of what the REC process will entail. It was well-attended by staff members and students—majority of whom currently sit on the REC Self-Assessment Team (SAT); which is leading the work around REC.

The REC SAT members come from various backgrounds, grades and areas of the University, including representatives from minority staff and student groups. The team is being chaired by the Associate Provost. Five working groups composed of REC SAT members and other staff/students have also been formed to address the various sections of the REC application.

To access the REC SAT Terms of Reference and to find out more about the REC Working Groups and the current REC SAT members, please click here.

REC Contacts

REC SAT Chair:

Prof. Simon Hackett, Associate Provost;

REC Lead:

Rachel Archbold, Head of EDI;

REC Facilitator:

Melanie Earnshaw, Policy Support Advisor;