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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Athena Swan Staff Data FAQs

The raw data should not be shared outside of the self assessment team and should only be analysed by pre-approved individuals.

To request any staff data you will need to complete the online form which is received by Workforce Planning and a deadline will then be agreed with a minimum of 4 weeks turn around.

Yearly top up data will be automatically sent to you in the Epiphany term and will be prioritised by your planned submission date. i.e. Departments applying in April will be given priority. You should ensure that your faculty and E&D support are aware of your planned submission to enable this process to be efficient.

Spot salaries are included in the data where a member of staff has a salary that does not fall on the Durham University pay scale. In older data this would include grade 10 members of staff such as Professors. In more recent data you'll notice this has changed to Professorial bands e.g. Prof1.

Another example would be Marie Curie Fellows and bank teachers.

Please see the definition of Bank and Part Time Teachers here

You will notice with 16/17 data onwards the job title changes that effect academic roles. Workforce Planning will provide you with a mapping document to enable you to effectivly analyse your data. If you have any questions please contact the Workforce Planning Team.

Staff Data: Workforce Planning - Natalie Rudd or Emily Edwards

Admissions Data: Admissions Office

Student Data: Joanne Gargett


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Michelle Taylor, Equality and Diversity Trainer, 01913346494;

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