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Durham University

Department of English Studies

Modernist Studies Research Group

The Modernist Studies Research Group seeks to promote the study and research of modernist writing and culture.

We foster collaboration between Durham academic staff, post-doctoral scholars and postgraduate researchers in all aspects of Modernist Studies, and seek to bring that work to academic and public audiences in the U.K. and worldwide. The group aims to encourage new theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary field of modernist studies and to develop a deeper understanding of the complex historical contexts of the period.

We have particular interests in: definitions of ‘modernism’; modernist magazine culture; the cultural and aesthetic backgrounds and legacies of modernism; modernism and the sciences; modernism and literary theory; the reception of modernist literature; and a wide range of authors associated with modernism.

We hold regular guest lectures and seminars throughout the year. We have links with the North-East Modernist Research Initiative, the Northern Modernist Seminar; the British Association of Modernist Studies, and the Modernist Studies Association.

Staff Research Interests

Staff Research Interests by Author

T.S. Eliot: Dr Jason Harding
James Joyce: Dr John Nash
Virginia Woolf: Professor Patricia Waugh and Dr John Nash

Staff Research Interests by Geographic Location

Irish Modernism: Dr Helen O'Connell and Dr John Nash

Staff Research Interests by Chronological Period

'Late Modernism': Modernism and the Thirties; modernism and World War Two; the 1950s:
Professor Patricia Waugh.

Victorian and Edwardian literary culture and Modernism:
Dr Simon Grimble, Dr Simon James and Dr John Nash

Staff Research Interests by Other Themes

Modernism and postmodernism; modernism, philosophy and science;
medical humanities: Professor Patricia Waugh

Publication history, audiences and reception:
Dr Jason Harding, Dr John Nash, and Dr Simon Grimble

Modernism and the State: Dr James Smith and Dr Jason Harding