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Durham University

Department of Engineering

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Publication details for Professor Michael Petty

Lee, M.-W., Pearson, C., Moon, T. J., Fisher, A.L. & Petty, M.C. (2014). Switching and memory characteristics of thin films of an ambipolar organic compound: effects of device processing and electrode materials. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47(48): 485103.

Author(s) from Durham


We report on the effects of device processing conditions, and of changing the electrode materials, on the switching and negative differential resistance (NDR) behaviour of metal/organic thin film/metal structures. The organic material was an ambipolar molecule containing both electron transporting (oxadiazole) and hole transporting (carbazole) chemical groups. Switching and NDR effects are observed for device architectures with both electrodes consisting of aluminium; optimized switching behaviour is achieved for structures incorporating gold nanoparticles. If one of the Al electrodes is replaced by a higher work function metal or coated with an electron-blocking layer, switching and NDR are no longer observed. The results are consistent with a model based on the creation and destruction of Al filaments within the thin organic layer.