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Ahn, JH, Bertoni, C, Dunn, S, Wang, CS, Talapin, DV, Gaponik, N, Eychmuller, A, Hua, YL, Bryce, MR & Petty, MC (2007). White organic light-emitting devices incorporating nanoparticles of II-VI semiconductors. Nanotechnology 18(33): 335202.
  • Publication type: Journal Article
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0957-4484

Author(s) from Durham


A blue-green fluorescent organic dye and red-emitting nanoparticles,
based on II-VI semiconductors, have been used together in the
fabrication of white organic light-emitting devices. In this work, the
materials were combined in two different ways: in the form of a blend,
and as separate layers deposited on the opposite sides of the
substrate. The blended-layer structure provided purer white emission.
However, this device also exhibited a number of disadvantages, namely a
high drive voltage, a low efficiency and some colour instability. These
problems could be avoided by using a device structure that was
fabricated using separate dye and nanoparticle layers.