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Durham University

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Publication details for Professor Michael Petty

Pearson, C., Ahn, J.H., Mabrook, M.F., Zeze, D.A., Petty, M.C., Kamtekar, K.T., Wang, C.S., Bryce, M.R., Dimitrakis, P. & Tsoukalas, D. (2007). Electronic memory device based on a single-layer fluorene-containing organic thin film. Applied Physics Letters 91(12): 123506.

Author(s) from Durham


The authors report on a simple bistable switching device based on a thin film of an electroactive polymer containing a fluorene group sandwiched between aluminumelectrodes. No additional materials (e.g., metallic or semiconductive nanoparticles) are required for the devices to operate. This improves considerably the scalability of the memory elements at nanometer dimensions. The device operation is thought to depend on charge trapping at fluorenone defects within the organic film.