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Durham University

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Publication details for Dr Mujeeb Ullah Chaudhry

Ullah, Mujeeb, Tandy, Kristen, Yambem, Soniya D., Muhieddine, Khalid, Ong, Wen Jie, Shi, Zugui, Burn, Paul L., Meredith, Paul, Li, Jun & Namdas, Ebinazar B. (2015). Efficient and bright polymer light emitting field effect transistors. Organic Electronics 17: 371-376.

Author(s) from Durham


Light emitting field effect transistors (LEFETs) are emerging as a multi-functional class of optoelectronic devices. LEFETs can simultaneously execute light emission and the standard logic functions of a transistor in a single architecture. However, current LEFET architectures deliver either high brightness or high efficiency but not both concurrently, thus limiting their use in technological applications. Here we show an LEFET device strategy that simultaneously improves brightness and efficiency. The key step change in LEFET performance arises from the bottom gate top-contact device architecture in which the source/drain electrodes are semitransparent and the active channel contains a bi-layer comprising of a high mobility charge-transporting polymer, and a yellow–green emissive polymer. A record external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 2.1% at 1000 cd/m2 is demonstrated for polymer based bilayer LEFETs.