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Durham University

Department of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Andrew Smallbone, B.Eng. M.Sc. Ph.D.

Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41715
Room number: E387 Christopherson

(email at

Andrew is an Associate Professor in Engineering.

Andrew is currently the Principal Investigator on the £2.5m EPSRC funded CCSInSupply project and a Research Investigator on the £25m Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI). He is a co-Investigator on the EPSRC Network for Hydrogen Transportation (Network-H2) and A Zero-Emission Closed-loop linear-Joule CYcle (ZECCY) project on hydrogen energy converters.

He is has also been an Investigator on Innovate UK projects on a free-piston engine range-extender and a H2020 project (H-DisNet) on a thermo-chemical district heating networks.

Previously Andrew was Chief Technical Officer at CMCL Innovations in Cambridge and was responsible for developing multiple engineering software simulation tools currently used worldwide for internal combustion engine and future fuel development.

Andrew graduated from the University of Southampton in 1999 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He then completed an M.Sc. in Combustion and Energy and then a PhD from the University of Leeds. Andrew then went on to a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Kyushu, Japan at the 21st Century Center of Excellence. He then went on to be Research Staff at Princeton University, U.S.

Current Position

Associate Professor, Durham University, Durham, U.K.

Previous Positions

Principal Research AssociateNewcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.

Chief Technical Officercmcl innovations, Cambridge, U.K.

Chief Technical OfficerReaction Engineering Solutions Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.

Visiting Research CollaboratorDepartment of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.

Professional Research Staff MemberDepartment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.

Post-doctoral Research AssociateDepartment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.

Center of Excellence (CoE) Post-doctoral FellowKyushu University, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan.

Research AssistantUniversity of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.


Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.

M.Sc. Combustion and EnergyUniversity of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.

B.Eng. (Hons.) Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Southampton, Southampton, U.K.

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

Conference Paper

Journal Article

  • Zhang, Zhichao, Lu, Yiji, Wang, Yaodong, Yu, Xiaoli, Smallbone, Andrew, Dong, Chenxuan & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2019). Comparative study of using multi-wall carbon nanotube and two different sizes of cerium oxide nanopowders as fuel additives under various diesel engine conditions. FUEL 256: UNSP 115904.
  • Zhang, Zhichao, Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Yu, Xiaoli, Wang, Yaodong & Smallbone, Andrew (2019). Investigation of the macroscopic characteristics of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) spray using CFD method. FUEL 237: 28-39.
  • Zhang, Zhichao, Chen, Longfei, Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Yu, Xiaoli, Smallbone, Andrew & Wang, Yaodong (2019). Lean ignition and blow-off behaviour of butyl butyrate and ethanol blends in a gas turbine combustor. FUEL 239: 1351-1362.
  • Jia, Boru, Smallbone, Andrew, Mikalsen, Rikard, Shivaprasad, K. V., Roy, Sumit & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2019). Performance Analysis of a Flexi-Fuel Turbine-Combined Free-Piston Engine Generator. ENERGIES 12(14): 2657.
  • Jiang, L., Gonzalez-Diaz, A., Ling-Chin, J., Roskilly, A. P. & Smallbone, A. J. (2019). Post-combustion CO2 capture from a natural gas combined cycle power plant using activated carbon adsorption. APPLIED ENERGY 245: 1-15.
  • Giampieri, Alessandro, Ma, Zhiwei, Chin, Janie Ling, Smallbone, Andrew, Lyons, Padraig, Khan, Imad, Hemphill, Stephen & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2019). Techno-economic analysis of the thermal energy saving options for high-voltage direct current interconnectors. Applied Energy 247: 60-77.
  • Ngwaka, Ugochukwu, Jia, Boru, Lawrence, Christopher, Wu, Dawei, Smallbone, Andrew & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2019). The characteristics of a Linear Joule Engine Generator operating on a dry friction principle. APPLIED ENERGY 237: 49-59.
  • Atab, M. Sarai, Smallbone, A. J. & Roskilly, A. P. (2018). A hybrid reverse osmosis/adsorption desalination plant for irrigation and drinking water. DESALINATION 444: 44-52.
  • Jia, Boru, Mikalsen, Rikard, Smallbone, Andrew & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2018). A study and comparison of frictional losses in free-piston engine and crankshaft engines. APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 140: 217-224.
  • Jia, Boru, Wang, Yaodong, Smallbone, Andrew & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2018). Analysis of the Scavenging Process of a Two-Stroke Free-Piston Engine Based on the Selection of Scavenging Ports or Valves. ENERGIES 11(2): 324.
  • Jia, Boru, Wu, Dawei, Smallbone, Andrew, Lawrence, Chris & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2018). Design, modelling and validation of a linear Joule Engine generator designed for renewable energy sources. ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 165: 25-34.
  • Jia, Boru, Wu, Dawei, Smallbone, Andrew, Ngwaka, Ugochukwu Charles & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2018). Dynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of a linear Joule engine generator with different operating conditions. ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 173: 375-382.
  • Bohl, Thomas, Smallbone, Andrew, Tian, Guohong & Roskilly, Anthony P. (2018). Particulate number and NOx trade-off comparisons between HVO and mineral diesel in HD applications. Fuel 215: 90-101.
  • Giampieri, Alessandro, Ma, Zhiwei, Smallbone, Andrew & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2018). Thermodynamics and economics of liquid desiccants for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning - An overview. Applied Energy 220: 455-479.
  • Geyer, Philipp, Delwati, Muhannad, Buchholz, Martin, Giampieri, Alessandro, Smallbone, Andrew, Roskilly, Anthony P., Buchholz, Reiner & Provost, Mathieu (2018). Use Cases with Economics and Simulation for Thermo-Chemical District Networks. SUSTAINABILITY 10(3): 599.
  • Jia, Boru, Zuo, Zhengxing, Smallbone, Andrew, Feng, Huihua & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2017). A Decoupled Design Parameter Analysis for Free-Piston Engine Generators. ENERGIES 10(4): 486.
  • Lu, Yiji, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Smallbone, Andew, Yu, Xiaoli & Wang, Yaodong (2017). Design and parametric study of an Organic Rankine cycle using a scroll expander for engine waste heat recovery. Energy Procedia 105: 1420-1425.
  • Nanda, Sangram Kishore, Jia, Boru, Smallbone, Andrew & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2017). Development of a Diesel Engine Thermal Overload Monitoring System with Applications and Test Results. ENERGIES 10(7): 830.
  • Jia, Boru, Smallbone, Andrew, Mikalsen, Rikard, Feng, Huihua, Zuo, Zhengxing & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2017). Disturbance analysis of a free-piston engine generator using a validated fast-response numerical model. APPLIED ENERGY 185(1): 440-451.
  • Zhang, Zhichao, Lu, Yiji, Ren, Haoliang, Roskilly, Anthony Paul, Chen, Longfei, Smallbone, Andrew & Wang, Yaodong (2017). Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Macroscopic Characteristics of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Spray. Energy Procedia 142: 474-480.
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  • Jia, Boru, Mikalsen, Rikard, Smallbone, Andrew, Zuo, Zhengxing, Feng, Huihua & Roskilly, Anthony Paul (2016). Piston motion control of a free-piston engine generator: A new approach using cascade control. APPLIED ENERGY 179: 1166-1175.
  • Azadi, Pooya, Brownbridge, George, Mosbach, Sebastian, Smallbone, Andrew, Bhave, Amit, Inderwildi, Oliver & Kraft, Markus (2014). The carbon footprint and non-renewable energy demand of algae-derived biodiesel. APPLIED ENERGY 113(SI): 1632-1644.
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  • Smallbone, Andrew, Tsuneyoshi, Kousaku & Kitagawa, Toshiaki (2006). Turbulent and Stable/Unstable Laminar Burning Velocity Measurements from Outwardly Propagating Spherical Hydrogen-Air Flames at Elevated Pressures. JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 1(1): 31-41.

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