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Durham University

Department of Engineering


Due to COVID-19, working practice will be conducted from home for the foreseeable future.

Search through our Staff lists to find research interests, roles and contact details.

Professor Simon Hogg Head of Department of Engineering 41513 E376 (Higginson Building)
Professor David Sims-Williams Deputy Head of Department 42508 E211 (Christopherson) Temporary
Dr Iddo Amit Assistant Professor 42464 E482 (Christopherson)
Professor Charles Augarde Professor 42504 E375 (Higginson)
Dr Hamed Bahmani Assistant Professor 41759 E324 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Claudio Balocco Associate Professor 42527 E483 (Christopherson)
Dr Huashan Bao Assistant Professor, Teaching & Research 41706 E387 (Christopherson)
Dr Majid Bastankhah Assistant Professor ext. 42399 E331(Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Professor Toby Breckon Professor 42396 E234 (Christopherson)
Dr Rui Carvalho Assistant Professor 42382 E384 (Christopherson)
Dr Mujeeb Ullah Chaudhry Assistant Professor 41711 E328 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Will Coombs Associate Professor 42516 E213 (Christopherson)
Dr Christopher Crabtree Associate Professor 42460 E326 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Fang Fang Assistant Professor 42451 E254 Higginson Building
Professor Andrew Gallant Professor 42525 E496 (Christopherson)
Dr Lian Gan Associate Professor 42438 E208A (Christopherson)
Professor Philip Gaskell Professor 44174 E373 (Higginson)
Dr Stefano Giani Assistant Professor 42397 E329 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Professor Chris Groves Professor 42495 E381 (Christopherson)
Dr Alton Horsfall Associate Professor 42509 E380 (Christopherson)
Dr Paul Hughes Associate Professor 42450 E208 b (Christopherson)
Dr Aissa Ikhlef Assistant Professor 41745 E255 (Higginson)
Dr Grant Ingram Associate Professor 42428 E213 (Christopherson)
Professor Karen Johnson Professor 42441 E374 (Higginson)
Dr Behzad Kazemtabrizi Associate Professor 41734 E325 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati Assistant Professor 44300 E484 Christopherson
Dr Marti Lloret-Cabot Assistant Professor 41731 E322 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Zhiwei Ma Assistant Professor, Research Track 41740 E387 (Christopherson)
Professor Simon Mathias Professor ES312 (Earth Sciences Building)
Dr Peter Matthews Associate Professor 42538 E237 (Christopherson)
Professor Ashraf Osman Professor 42425 E371 (Higginson)
Professor Michael Petty Emeritus Professor 42419 E498 (Christopherson)
Professor Alan Purvis Emeritus Professor 42437 E498 (Christopherson)
Professor Tony Roskilly Professor 41713 E368 (Higginson)
Professor Sana Salous Chair of Communications Engineering 42532 E480 (Christopherson)
Dr Mohammed Seaid Associate Professor 42476 E108 (Christopherson)
Dr Mahmoud Shahbazi Assistant Professor 42394 E113 (Christopherson)
Dr Natasha Shirshova Assistant Professor 42398 E332 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Andrew Smallbone Associate Professor 41715 E387 Christopherson
Professor Hongjian Sun Professor 42478 E378 (Higginson)
Dr Stefan Szyniszewski Assistant Professor 42479 E110 (Christopherson)
Professor Peter Tavner Emeritus Professor
Professor David Toll Professor 42388 E370 (Higginson)
Professor Jon Trevelyan Professor 42522 E361 (Higginson)
Professor Anthony Unsworth Emeritus Professor 42521 E498 (Christopherson)
Dr Sergii Veremieiev Assistant Professor 44287 E323 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Dr Oliver Vogt Industrial tutor (PT) 42493 E210 (Christopherson)
Dr Qing Wang Associate Professor and International Coordinator 42381 E379 (Higginson)
Dr Yaodong Wang Associate Professor 42377 E330 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson)
Professor Jun Jie Wu Professor 42440 E212 (Christopherson)
Professor Dagou Zeze Professor 42531 E208 (Christopherson)
Dr Ruth Vater Department Manager 42510 E260 (Higginson)
Miss Rebecca Jackson Operations Administrator (Reception) 41700 E260 (Higginson) General enquiries
Mrs Sabine Schindler Senior Research Administrator 42729 E260 (Higginson)
Dr Charlotte Quarless Learning and Teaching Manager E260 Higginson
Ms Caroline Asling Learning & Teaching Administrator (PT) 41751 E260 (Higginson)
Ms Jean Coverdale Learning & Teaching Administrator (PT) 42424 E260 (Higginson)
Miss Natalie Dent Learning & Teaching Administrator E261 Higginson
Miss Leanne Williamson PGR Co-ordinator E261 Higginson
Miss Kate Brennan International Officer 42444 E260 (Higginson)
Mrs Karen Atkinson Finance Manager & Travel Reporter/Approver 42542 E260 (Higginson)
Mrs Jane Chilton Finance Administrator 42467 E260
Ms Denise Norman Finance Administrator (PT) 44303 E260 (Higginson)
Dr Steve Robertson Technical Operations Manager 42387 E211 Christopherson
Mr Ian Hutchinson Technical Manager, Electronics & Electrical 42259 Electronics workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Colin Wintrip Technical Manager, Mechanical 42475 Mechanical workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Daniel Atkinson Electronics Technician 42422 Electronics workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Neil Clarey Electronics Technician 42422 Electronics workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Colin Dart Electronics Technician 42422 Electronics workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Paul Davidson Mechanical Workshop Technician 42491 Mechanical workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Ian Douglass Technician 41706 E387, Christopherson Building
Mr Phillip Duffy Mechanical Workshop Technician 42491 E123 Christopherson
Mr Ian Garrett Electronics Technician 42422 Electronics workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Jonathan Heslop Senior Technician in Energy Systems E268 Higginson
Mr Paul Jarvis Mechanical Workshop Technician 42491 Mechanical workshop (Christopherson)
Mr K Longley Technician (Civils Laboratory) 42392 Civils Laboratory (Higginson)
Mrs Julie Morgan Dodds Senior Technician (Operations) Deputy H&S Advisor 42496 E115 (Christopherson)
Mr Antony Newman Mechanical Workshop Technician 42491 Mechanical workshop (Christopherson)
Mr Gary Parker Thermo Laboratory Technician 42506
Mr Stephen Richardson Technician (Civils Laboratory) 42392 Civils Laboratory (Higginson)
Miss Amy Tate Electronics Technician 41728 E497
Mr Stuart Watson Mechanical Workshop Technician 42491 Mechanical workshop (Christopherson)
Mrs Andrea Parker Coffee Bar (PT Wednesday Thursday & Friday) 42466 Higginson Building
Mrs Elizabeth Yallop Coffee Bar (PT Monday & Tuesday) 42466 Higgison Building
General enquiries 41700 E260 Higginson
Mr Mohamed Abdulali 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex) Contact Mohamed Abdulali
Mr Thomas Adams
Mr. Francisco Aguerrebere-gonzalez E010 (Christopherson)
Mrs Alia Al-ghosoun E390 (Christopherson)
Mr Amar Al-jzari E287 Contact Amar Al-jzari
Mr Jaafar Albadr 42375
Ms Areej Almazroa E280 (Christopherson)
Mr. Sermed Alsaadi E215 Christopherson
Mr. Abdulrahman Alsafrani E390 Christopherson Contact Abdulrahman Alsafrani
Mr Abraham Alvarez-bustos 42469 E215 Christopherson
Mr Josue Alvarez-lares
Mr Rodrigo Arauz-sosa 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex)
Mr. Abdulkarim Athwer E390 (Christopherson)
Miss Henna Bains E215, Christopherson
Mr Jesus Bernal-morales
Mr Robert Bird
Mr Anas Abubakar Bisu
Mr David Brooks Contact David Brooks
Mr Hugo Calder E390 Christopherson
Mr Yusheng Cao
Mr Abhishek Chandramohan
Mr. Shi Chen Contact Shi Chen
Miss Keturah Civelek E390 Christopherson
Mr Emilio Contreras-tellez Contact Emilio Contreras-tellez
Ms Martha Correa-delval E215 (Christopherson) Contact Martha Correa-delval
Mr Roger Cox Contact Roger Cox
Mr Marcos Eduardo Cruz Victorio E215 (Christopherson)
Miss Alessia Cuccurullo E247 (Higginson)
Mr Peter Dagen Contact Peter Dagen
Mr George Daly E390 Christopherson Contact George Daly
Miss Eleanor Desmond E009 (Christopherson)
Miss Sophie Draper 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex)
Mr Aidan Duffy E009
Mr. Kevin Egan 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex) Contact Kevin Egan
Mr Saied El-faitori
Mr Amin Elfasi 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex)
Miss Lei Fan
Miss Vanessa Fenlon E208 (Christopherson) Contact Vanessa Fenlon
Mr Carlos Ferrandon-cervantes E231 Christopherson
Mr Iman Frozanpoor Contact Iman Frozanpoor
Ms. Miriam Fsadni Contact Miriam Fsadni
Mr Alejandro Galan-gonzalez E387, Christopherson Contact Alejandro Galan-gonzalez
Mr. Carlos Garcia-verdugo 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex)
Mr Tiago Gaspar
Mr. Nathan Gavin E247 Higginson
Mr Benjamin Gilvey
Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez-osuna E280 (Christopherson) Contact Eduardo Gonzalez-osuna
Miss Karen Gonzalez-trapero E280 Christopherson
Ms Tariro Gwandu E247 Higginson Contact Tariro Gwandu
Mr Jonathan Hammler 42378 E385 Christopherson
Ms Nur Hashim
Ms Monica Hernandez-cedillo E280 Christopherson
Mr Julio Hernandez-manjarrez E215 Contact Julio Hernandez-manjarrez
Mr John Heron E280 Christopherson
Mr Weiqi Hua 42469 E215 Christopherson
Mr Chuxia Huang
Miss Yingjia Huang E215 Christopherson Contact Yingjia Huang
Miss Susana Islas-gutierrez E385 (Christopherson)
Miss Elvia Daniela Izquierdo-Ruiz
Mr. Renato Jacobo-tapia 3.0 Annex
Mr Luis Jimenez-diaz E247 Higginson
Miss Maria Jimenez-vizcarra E247 Higginson Contact Maria Jimenez-vizcarra
Mr Benedict Jones E390 (Christopherson)
Miss Purneema Kaur Chemistry Contact Purneema Kaur
Mr Andreas Klein 42378
Mr Ivan Lazcano-guzman
Miss Rhiannon Lees E385 Christopherson
Mr. Chengqian Li Contact Chengqian Li
Mr Matthew Littlefair E390 Christopherson
Mr Eduardo Lopez-torres CY018 (Chemistry Building)
Mr James Maccalman
Mr Florian Marner
Mr Jose Marquez-ruiz E247 Higginson
Mr Pedro Martinez-castro Contact Pedro Martinez-castro
Mr Daniel Martinez-munoz E215 Christopherson
Diana Martinez-trejo E215 Christopherson Contact Diana Martinez-trejo
Mr Esmaeel Masoudi E008 Christopherson
Mr. Ewan Matheson Contact Ewan Matheson
Mr Andrew Messenger
Dr Sravan Muguda E247 Higginson
Mr Rector Mukwiri 42487
Mr. Matthew Naylor Contact Matthew Naylor
Mr Balder Nieto-diaz Contact Balder Nieto-diaz
Ms Nik Khadijah Nik Aznan
Mr Rigoberto Ortega-chavez E008 (Christopherson) Contact Rigoberto Ortega-chavez
Mr David Palacios-gomez 42405 E485 Christopherson building Contact David Palacios-gomez
Mr Luke Payne Contact Luke Payne
Ms Amy Peters E390 (Christopherson) Contact Amy Peters
Miss Samprada Pradhan E280 Christopherson
Mr Giuliano Pretti E247 (Higginson)
Mr Carlos Rasgado-moreno E010 Christopherson
Miss Sarah Sheehy
Mr Ryan Siddall E390 (Christopherson) Contact Ryan Siddall
Mr Dongseok Song E385 Contact Dongseok Song
Miss Polina Stefanova Contact Polina Stefanova
Miss Beatriz Tan-valdez E247 Higginson Contact Beatriz Tan-valdez
Mr Huw Thomas E215 Christopherson
Mr Jack Towers
Miss Eléonore Vissol-Gaudin E390 (Christopherson)
Mr Jianye Wang
Ms. Ruiqi Wang Contact Ruiqi Wang
Mr. Cai Williams E390 Christopherson Contact Cai Williams
Mr Ben Woodward E390 Christopherson Contact Ben Woodward
Mr Minglei You E215 Christopherson
Ms Nor Zahari
Mr Othman Zahid E481 (Christopherson)
Mr. Hussin Zahloul E390 Christopherson
Mr Zhi Zhang 3.0 Christopherson (CS annex)