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Durham University Assessment Centre

What to expect

Our Student Information Booklet provides further information about what to expect from your Needs Assessment at DUAC.



What you can expect from your Needs Assessment at DUAC

  • Allow approximately 2 hours for your assessment. 
  • Don't worry! The assessment interview is not a test, but a friendly discussion to explore your support needs and appropriate strategies to help.
  • The purpose of the assessment is to identify your support needs and gain funding for appropriate technological or non-medical help mechanisms to assist you.
  • The assessor will discuss your study needs fully.
  • They will then demonstrate a range of equipment or assistive software appropriate to your needs. 
  • Following the assessment interview, the assessor will write a comprehensive report detailing recommended study strategies, equipment and training.
  • You will be given the opportunity to see a draft version of your report within 10 working days of your assessment interview. If you don't request sight of a draft report before it goes to your funding body, you will receive a copy of the final report at the same time it is sent to the funding body, i.e. within 10 working days of the date of your assessment interview. You will be asked your preference at interview.
  • If you are unsure about anything in your report, please contact us promptly and we will discuss any changes.
  • Reports are usually processed by the funding bodies within 7 working days. If you have not had a confirmation of funding letter from your funding body within two weeks of you receiving your copy of the Needs Assessment report then let us know.
  • Occasionally, funding bodies will reject some of the recommendations made in the Needs Assessment report. There is no guarantee that everything we recommend will be approved. However, DUAC strives hard to work with funding bodes to provide clear and reasonable justification for our recommendations.
  • Finally, once you receive your copy of your Needs Assessment report it is important you make an appointment to meet with either your Disability or Learning Support Adviser at your College or University. They can assist you in setting up any agreed support.