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Information for Assessors

There is a range of support available to students at Durham. In addition to which the following is also available:

  • Access to free Academic Skills Programme courses, including access to free, small group workshops on key topics such as revision skills and academic reading.
  • Pastoral support from the student's chosen College.
  • Financial advice from the Student Financial Support.
  • Support from library staff includes assistance in retrieving materials; extended loans; access to an adapted study room; accessing information in alternative formats; accessing the library and personalised familiarisation tours. There is a designated Disability Coordinator at Bill Bryson Library, Durham Campus and the main library at Queen's Campus, Stockton. Further information is available on the library website.
  • Access to limited, complimentary Specialist One-to-One Study Skills appointments when referred by a Disability Adviser.
  • Access to loan equipment (subject to availability) if equipment is unavailable from other sources.
  • Students are allowed to make audio recordings of lectures using their own equipment. Permission for recording may be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances, such as where the subject matter includes confidential or sensitive data.

DSA funding will be withdrawn from September 2016 for all Band One/Two roles, except Sighted Guides. Students should be referred to the Disability Support Service for individual evaluation of their particular support needs. Consideration will be given to the Needs Assessment Report and all appropriate diagnostic evidence when identifying appropriate internal support.

Information regarding two quotes for NMH support (7 April 2016)

Durham University has a data sharing agreement with the following agencies:

  • Keyfort Education
  • Clear Links

Prior to making any recommendations, Assessors are advised to check with an agency whether they have sufficient local provision to meet demand for support on an individual basis. Individual agencies should be contacted to confirm current prices, as these are subject to change. 

New agreements for NMH support will only be made with suppliers who meet the DfE criteria for DSA-funded support, therefore Needs Assessors should only provide quotes for NMH support from suppliers that meet these criteria.