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Infographic: For every £1 the University received in income, it generated £4.80 of economic impact in the UK

What we achieve together

Infographic: Durham University generated over £650m GVA for the North East England economy and supported nearly 11,000 jobs in 2020/21

What we achieve together

Infographic: We employ 5% of those in employment in County Durham

What we achieve together

Infographic: Our Science Outreach programme includes the annual Celebrate Science festival, which has attracted over 60,000 visitors since 2010

What we achieve together

What We Achieve Together

Durham is a world-leading university, and proudly part of North East England - we are Durham's university. From inspiring learning to sharing our facilities; from driving economic growth to helping our region become more sustainable: we ensure that the benefits of a world-leading university are shared across our city, county and region.

In 2022, we commissioned an independent report to establish just how the University contributes to the economic, cultural and social vibrancy of North East England. It found that the University generated £1.9bn Gross Value Added (GVA)* for the UK and supported 17,320 jobs in 2020/21.

The report also highlights some great examples of our work in our local area and with local partners. It's a snapshot of what we do together. Read on to find out more and think: what could we achieve together in future?

*GVA measures the monetary contribution that an organisation adds to the economy through its operations.

500+ people employed by our 22 spin-out businesses.
26,000+ pupils from almost 700 schools inspired by our Libraries and Museums' outreach.
Nearly 1,000 students from County Durham attend Durham University, and we aim to attract even more.
372,000 visitors attracted by our events, including public lectures, exhibitions and more.


As the University focuses on deepening its engagement with the local area, by diversifying its student body and expanding opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, it is clear that Durham is culturally and economically richer thanks to being home to a truly outstanding academic institution.

Mary Kelly Foy
MP for City of Durham
We are proud that Durham City is home to a world-class university that brings in social and economic benefits to the whole of County Durham.

Councillor Amanda Hopgood
Leader of Durham County Council
More about our work with Durham County Council
The findings in Durham University's latest report are incredibly encouraging, and show the significant economic, social, and cultural impact the university continues to have in our region as well as nationally.

John McCabe
Chief Executive, North East England Chamber of Commerce

Helping Business

We actively partner with local, national and international organisations to create connections, provide business support and ensure our research delivers genuine impact.

Find out more about how Durham University works with business partners and what support we can offer your business.
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Infographic: Durham University generated over £650m GVA for the North East England economy and supported nearly 11,000 jobs in 2020/21


The role the world-changing research at Durham University does for the North East and beyond cannot be overstated. Its ground-breaking work plays an important part in putting the North of England at the centre of the global research map.

Dr Annette Bramley
Director, N8 Research Partnership
As a research intensive institution, (Durham University) can impact its neighbouring communities, the wider North East and Northern Powerhouse more in years to come.

Henri Murison
Chief Executive, Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Work with us

If you would like to discuss how we might work together in future, you can contact us via:

Or if you're not sure who to speak to, you can call the University Switchboard on +44 (0)191 334 2000.



To download a media pack including the full report, summaries and infographics, please click here.