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Durham University

Durham Geochemistry Centre

Clean Chemistry Laboratories

The radiogenic and novel stable isotope mass spectrometry facilities are supported by state of the art clean-chemistry laboratories which underwent a major refurbishment in 2012.


The lab complex is divided into the following:

Weighing/milling room (20m2):

± 0.1 mg resolution Metler balance

± 0.1 µg resolution Metler microbalance

Leica binocular microscope

Leica petrological microscope

ESI NewWave micromill


Clean lab (35m2)


Two Machaire class 100 fume hoods

4 bespoke class 100 extracted cabinets

2 bespoke digestion/evaporation chambers

1 bespoke 8 position two-bottle sub-boiling distillation block

1 Savillex DST-100 acid purification system

1 Millipore Elix 5 RO water system


Ultraclean lab (45m2)


6 bespoke class 100 extracted cabinets

1 class 100 laminar flow hood

1 Millipore Element MQ water system