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1 March 2024 - 1 March 2024

10:00AM - 11:00AM


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Implicit bias affects everyone and is one of the many ways, sexism, racism, and discrimination manifest. In this bite-sized academic skills session, you will be introduced to ways you can begin to counter it in your own work.

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Academic Skills support from the Library

Session description

Human behaviour and actions are often driven by assumptions and biases that we are unaware of. We might think a decision or action is based on good judgment or logic, but is, in fact, influenced by personal experiences or incomplete/inaccurate evidence. This session will introduce you to some of the implicit biases you need to be aware of within academia and provide you with techniques to counter them in your own work. 

Learning outcomes

After attending this session, you will be able to: 

  • Describe what causes unconscious/implicit bias and acknowledge that it affects everyone
  • Recognise that unconscious bias is one of the many ways sexism, racism, and discrimination manifest
  • Explore the real-life consequences of bias in relation to academia, health outcomes, and society
  • Consider how and when bias occurs in the research process and acquire strategies to counter it in your own work. 

Who is this workshop for?

This session is open to all students but may be especially useful to those who are conducting independent research.


This session is delivered by an academic skills specialist from University Library and Collections. 

How to book

You can book your place for this session through Target Connect. (You will need to register to create an account the first time you access Target Connect.)

For details of all planned sessions being ran by Library and Collections as part of the Academic Skills Centre, visit the Academic Skills SharePoint Site.