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Chinese Modules

Please note, not all modules listed will run every year.  Please ensure you check the module availability for each module outline in the Faculty Handbook.  

The module and programme information in the Faculty Handbook is for current modules.  Modules do change year-on-year and are amended to take account of, for example: student feedback, changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, pedagogic research and/or the requirements of external bodies and partners.


Year 1

CHNS1012 - Chinese Language 1B

CHNS1021 - Introduction to Chinese Cultures

CHNS1032 - Chinese Language 1A


Year 2

CHNS2012 - Chinese Language 2B

CHNS2021 - Chinese Cinema

CHNS2031 - Classical Chinese 1

CHNS2041 - Chinese Language 2A


Year 3

CHNS3021 - Chinese Historical and Literary Texts

CHNS3062 - Chinese Language 4B

CHNS3081 - Classical Chinese II


CHNS3042 - Dissertation in Chinese Studies (40 credits)

MLAC3966 - Target Language Research Project (Chinese)