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Durham Law School is committed to legal and interdisciplinary scholarship that aims to drive societal change both in the UK and around the world.

The Durham Law School Research Briefings explain some of our research projects to non-specialist audiences and disseminate it to policy-makers, members of the legal profession, civil society groups, academics, and other audiences.
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Foetal Protection Laws: A Dangerous Future for British Women

Emma Milne, 2023

Concealment of Birth: A Case for Repeal

Emma Milne, 2023

Vulnerable Women, Crisis Pregnancies and the Criminal Justice System

Emma Milne, 2023

Abortion and the Criminal Law: The Need for Decriminalisation

Emma Milne, 2023

Extractive Industry and Foreign Security Network

Jane Rooney, 2022 


Neonaticide and Suspicious Perinatal Death: Time for a New Perspective

Emma Milne, 2022 


Telemedical Abortion and Mitigating 'Crisis' Pregnancies

Emma Milne, 2022 


Violence and Abuse of Older People

Hannah Bows, 2021 


Regulating Unacceptable Forms of Work A Strategic Approach

Deirdre McCann, 2019


Unacceptable Forms of Work A Gender Perspective

Deirdre McCann, 2019


A Comparative Study of Homicide Law

Mariam del Carmen Ibrahim, 2019


Domestic Homicide of Older People 

Hannah Bows, 2018


UN Gender Network

Aoife O'Donoghue and Rosa Freedman, 2018


Policing Ethics

Liz Campbell, 2017


Understanding Public Sexual Harrassment

Fiona Vera-Grey, 2017


Rape Trials and Sexual History Evidence

Clare McGlynn, 2017


Women and Work at the United Nations

Aoife O'Donoghue and Rosa Freedman, 2017


Policing Domestic Abuse

Nicole Westmarland, Kelly Johnson and Clare McGlynn, 2017


Brexit and the Policing of Organised Crime

Liz Campbell, 2017 


Why Deal with the Past? Advocacy and Legacy in Northern Ireland

Catherine Turner, 2016


Image-Based Sexual Abuse

Clare McGlynn and Erika Rackley, 2016


Anonymity for Victims of Image-Based Sexual Abuse

Clare McGlynn, 2016


Using Law to Develop Post-16 Students' Understanding of Stem Cell Research

Shaun Pattinson, Benedict Douglas, and Vanessa Kind, 2015


Anti Tax Fraud Policy

Rita de la Feria, 2015


Northern/Irish Feminist Judgements Project

Aoife O'Donoghue, Máiréad Enright and Julie McCandless, 2015


Law and Negotiation in Conflict

Catherine Turner, 2015


Young People with a Mental Disorder: Towards a law fit for purpose

Emma Cave, 2015


Deciding How and When the European Union Should Act

Robert Schütze, 2015


Human Rights Reform and Northern Ireland

Aoife O'Donoghue and Ben Warwick, 2015


Defining and Tackling Tax Avoidance

Rita de la Feria, 2015


Migration Impacts Reduction Fund

Thom Brooks, 2015


The Impact Legitimacy And Effectiveness Of EU Counter-Terrorism Findings and Proposals

Fiona de Londras, 2014


Immigration law and policy in an independent Scotland

Thom Brooks, 2014


Are UK Courts bound by the European Court of Human Rights

Roger Masterman, 2014


Why Criminalise the Possesion of Rape Pornography

Clare McGlynn and Erika Rackley, 2014


The Impact of Counter-terrorism Measures on Muslim Communities

Tufyal Choudhury and Helen Fenwick, 2014