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Solid-state NMR 

Solution-state NMR 

Research positions 

Applications from potential postdoctoral researcherswith significant previous NMR experience are welcome. Various fellowship schemes available can be found in the departmental pages. 

Ph.D. studentships are potentially available in any of the following areas: new methods for studying molecular solids (particularly pharmaceuticals), dynamics and motion in solids, many-spin systems, and the interface between solid-state NMR and complementary techniques (such as X-ray diffraction, quantum chemical calculation and molecular dynamics studies). 

Applicants should have a solid background in either chemistry or physics. Information on the department and postgraduate admission can be foundhere. 

Note that changes in funding arrangements post-Brexit mean that we can now accept a limited number of international (non-UK) applications. Alternatively, please identify a promising source of funding before applying e.g. Commonwealth studentships (Commonwealth countries only).