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Equipment and Software


The principal instrument of the facility is anEasyXAFS300+ EasyXAFS300+, providing transmission based XAFS and XES studies between 5 to 18 keV (potentially up to 20 keV)  at a resolution of up to 0.2 eVstep-1.

In situ experiments can be run with a dedicated Hiden Catlab Microreactor and Mass Spectrometer set up with gas feed into the EasyXAFS300+

Specifications for each instrument are given below:

EasyXAFS300+ specifications

Specification Details  
Rowland Circle Size 0.5 m  
Measurement Modes  XAFS and XES

Readily accessible access compared to SR sources.

Capable of tuning X-ray source

Easy to swap between both techniques

XAFS X-ray Source

1.2 kW liquid cooled

(Ag and Mo anode)

XES X-ray Source

100 W air cooled

(W and Pd anode)

Energy Range 5 - 18 keV (potentially 20 keV) Reduced throughput at higher keV Can analyse a wide range of elements including early row transition metals and lanthanides

Spherically Bent Crystal Analysers (SBCAs)

15 crystals

(Various Ge and Si cuts)

Can tune instrument to minimise harmonics from other elements

operando studies

Catlab microreactor and MS setup (with vaporiser)

In production of in situ cell

Capable of running heated lines input.

Hiden Catlab Microreactor and Mass Spectrometer specifications

Specification Details  

Various gas control

8 Mass Flow Controllers

3 – 100 mlmin-1

Perform various experiments requiring complex gas mixes

Change direction of gas feed (both heated lines)

Bypass sample in catlab. Both using heated lines

Can perform studies on catlab and EasyXAFS under the same flow

Vapour generation

vapour pressure equivalent to max liquid temperature ~30 °C

Can perform studies with liquid/volatile reagents

High temperature studies

1-20 °C min-1 heating rates up to 1000 °C

Eurotherm system, to be configured with EasyXAFS cells

Faraday/SEM MS

Mass range – 200 amu

Detection limit – 0.1 ppm

Response time - <500 ms

Can perform operando studies

Cells and Sample Holders

A singular throughput pellet holder cell is available at the facility.

Higher throughput pellet holder is available. This is the main holder being used at the facility and provides users with multiple XAS without the need of changing samples manually. This can accommodate 7 different ex situ pellet samples, though typically 5 positions are used for samples, 1 for a reference foil and 1 for incident x-ray spectra. 

A bespoke holder has been produced to house samples prepared in capillaries. This has the advantage of having the sample in a particular gaseous environment during the experiment and is useful when studying samples which are air sensitive.

An in situ cell is currently in development at the facility which will allow users to collect data under particular gas conditions and temperature. This will take advantage of the DXAF infrastructure which allows for the use of the gas feed from the Hiden Catlab microreactor and mass spectrometry unit. This will be updated upon availability  of the cell.  


Software Used at DXAF 

Data processing shall be conducted on dedicated software packages provided by EasyXAFS and Hiden. For more information, please contact the facility. Results shall be exported as .csv files, and further data processing can be conducted (processed files saved within a .prj file). Free XAFS data processing software recommended include:


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