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Durham University

Durham Energy Institute



Staff Department Research Area Email
Professor Colin D Bain Chemistry Tribology and energy efficiency
Professor A ndrew Beeby Chemistry Photo chemistry and photo physics
Professor Martin R Bryce Chemistry, co-Director Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics Organic light emitting devices (OLEDS)
Dr Chris Groves Engineering, co-Director Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics Organic and inorganic photodetectors; physics of organic solar cells
Dr Douglas Halliday Physics, Director of Solar Network Advanced spectroscopic studies of quantum and novel behaviour in electronic materials and devices
Professor Gordon D Love Physics Design of Optical concentrators
Dr Budhika Mendis Physics Microstructure and defect characterisation of thin-film solar cells (both inorganic and organic) primarily using electron microscopy
Professor Andy Monkman Physics PV Devices
Professor Mike C Petty Engineering Organic Light Emitting Devices, Organic Phtovoltaics and Related Plastic Electronics Technologies

Dr Marek Szablewski Physics The use of organic acceptor chromophores in OLEDS and organic PV systems
Professor J A Gareth Williams Chemistry Energy-efficient lighting (OLEDs, LECs); solar energy conversion.